One of my favorite filmmakers is Luchino Visconti. He was not afraid to show human frailty and vulnerability in surprising ways.


Simshar, has won many awards and is based on a true story inspired by the actual Simshar tragedy in 2008, and was written by Rebecca Cremona, David Grech and produced by Leslie Lucey. The first ever Maltese production to be nominated for the Oscars, Simshar, has been released in a number of countries including Brussels, Tunisia, and Australia.  Watch it Now


Working with commercial directors is an experience that requires extensive problem solving skills. The reality is that a commercial director expects their producer to be able to deliver the impossible. The challenge is not delivering the impossible, for a producer - that is easy, it is working with a director who is brave enough to imagine the creative so great, we are all excited once it is done! Recent ads campaigns include Crayola, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Sienna, ASUS ZenBook, Offer-Up, IMAX, Universal Pictures, AT&T...



Having had the great privilege of working with an incredible team of documentary directors at Digital Kitchen and elsewhere which include Chris Kasick, Rebecca Hamm and Nik Kleverov. Together we have created over a hundred docs.